A new and controversial Collection , as I named it !

Autumn has already started and it is getting cold out there , so I thought of flavours which always come along with the beginning of the coldest season.

It was supposed to be just Tea , because Who doesn't love it ?!

In order to balance this collection for both tea lovers and people who don't like Tea I decided to add my personal touch to make everyone happy! 

Here goes  my personal interpretation of November flavours :


Hazelnut Pralinè

Black Forest

Earl Grey and Shortbread

Matcha Green Tea and Strawberry

Spicy Chai

Dajerliing and White chocolate


This product can be shipped to all the UK Mainland.

If you are local, please have a look at the MARKETS and FAIRS page to see where we exhibit and when.

However our main point of collection remains Our Laboratory in Johnshaven, collection is available at anytime, pre arranged by phone/email.



Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soya, lechtin, natural vanilla flavoring, cocoa mass.

Kirsh liquor, glucose, cherry, corn flour, hazelnut (nut), Earl grey, butter(milk), flour (wheat), Egg (egg), matcha green tea powder, cinnamon, pink pepper, chai tea ,dajerliing tea.

ALLERGY : For allergens see the bold ingredients.