Have you ever tried our Italian Cannoncini?

They should not be confused with Sicilian Cannoli .

Cannoncini are typical from the north of Italy , they are the heavenly result of a very long daily process.

With experience and patience they are rolled up one by one , baked and then filled with fresh pastry cream.

They won't disappoint you !


A VERY important note :

Our cannoncini are always freshly filled at the very last minute.

They must be eaten by the end of the day , not because they go bad or they are not safe anymore;

But because the puff pastry would go soggy after one day and won't be crispy anymore, which will make a huge difference!

Please bear with us, Never collect them a day before their planned consumption.

Our aim is not only to bake Italian products, but to bring to our costumers the very taste of italy in full.

A proper consumption is part of our tradition.

In Italy everyone knows that a Cannoncino, a Mille feuille or a Croassaint is baked everyday in the golden hours and eaten by the end of the day.





INGREDIENTS : Butter (milk), Flour (wheat), sugar, salt, water, eggs(egg), milk (milk), almonds (nuts).

ALLERGY : For allergens see the bold ingredients