The Art of Patisserie and Chocolate

High Afternoon Tea and Artisan Pralines


Charmingly exquisite, aesthetically fascinating

Almost too beautiful to eat !


Welcome to Juliethh Patisserie !

Behind the scenes it's me, Giulia.

I'm a pastry Chef and Chocolatier with a 7 years background between Italy and Scotland.

I've worked for some of the best companies in Italy, and then moved to this beautiful country for new experiences at prestigious 5 stars Hotels such as Gleneagles and Fairmont St. Andrews. 

I worked hard to achieve the necessary experience to now produce high quality international desserts.

My mission is to combine fresh and genuine simple flavours with a very keen eye for the aesthetic side, using my creativity to shape something original, something closer to Art than food.

Art is a skill that always walked beside me, along with my passion for pastry, which led me to complete my educational background with a bachelor degree in Arts. 

Now it's time to blend these two wonderful skills together to create something unique.

I'm starting my own business in order to pursue my ambitions, finally launching  my own ideas, giving free course to my fantasy.

I hope to brighten your day with something special .




Is the past lost ? Maybe not.

"When in a distant past nothing subsists, the smell and taste are still long, as souls, remembering the immense edifice of memory.

As soon as I recognized the taste of the Madeline soaked in my cup of tea, 

suddenly all looks, shape and solidity, and memories revealed themselves."

Remembrance of things past - Marcel Proust